Corrs Partner & CEO John W.H. Denton, in his capacity as one of Australia’s two representatives and pioneer of the B20, addressed the Financial Review’s DealBook Conference on Wednesday 22 June, discussing “Global Engagement: How Australia created the B20 and its future agenda”.

The B20 is the G20’s business summit and forms a part of the formalised G20 meetings. The B20 meetings provide an opportunity to coordinate the views of the top leaders from the public and private sectors, and includes approximately 120 top CEOs and all G20 leaders (presidents, prime ministers, treasurers and finance ministers).

John shared his experiences on establishing the B20, a new and powerful business voice on the global stage. John addressed the benefits of bringing global political leaders closer to business including helping government leaders translate their lofty aspirations to reality.

John also covered the big issues on the B20 agenda relevant to achieving balanced and inclusive growth and development, including financial regulation, labour and employment, infrastructure, commodity pricing and food security.

John was joined on the panel by fellow B20 pioneer and representative Mark Burrows AO, Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Investment Banking, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse.

Full coverage of the DealBook Conference will appear in the Australian Financial Review on Monday 4 July 2011.

This year’s B20 (G20 Business Summit) will be held in Paris in July.

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