The Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness has found Australia has a good aid program and is an effective performer by global donor standards.

The Federal Government commissioned the Review in late 2010 to assess the effectiveness and quality of our current program and to recommend future improvements.

It was designed to maximise the efficiency of the program, which aims to reduce poverty through improved medical care, education, economic opportunity and governance.

John W.H. Denton, Corrs Partner and CEO, was a member of the external panel that has undertaken the first independent review of Australia’s aid and development program since 1996.

Other panel members were Sandy Hollway AO (Chair), Dr Stephen Howes, Ms Margaret Reid, AO and Mr Bill Farmer AO.

The Government has welcomed the Independent Review’s outcomes and agrees (or agrees in principle) with 38 of the 39 recommendations.

Minster for Foreign Affairs Kevin Rudd today announced reforms to Australia’s aid program to ensure it is strategic, more transparent and gets real results.

Mr Rudd said: “The Government is determined to ensure every aid dollar makes a real difference to the lives of the world’s poorest people. These are the most far-reaching changes to the aid program in more than a decade.”

“Building on the findings of the Independent Review, the Government will make effectiveness the cornerstone of the aid program”.

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