The Corrs Chambers Westgarth partnership has announced the reappointment of John W.H. Denton as Chief Executive Officer until 2017.

Corrs partner and Chairman, Teresa Handicott, announced Mr Denton’s reappointment this week, saying: “I am very pleased to confirm John Denton will continue as Corrs’ CEO for a further five years, and that his vision and momentum will be maintained

“John’s leadership of Corrs has been transformative, securing a competitive position in the global legal market,” she said.

“Since his initial appointment to CEO in 2001, John has implemented an agenda of strategic change and growth. His dedication to significant and sustained improvement across every area of the firm – from hard financial management to the softer aspects of firm culture – is evident in Corrs’ ongoing achievements and successes.

“The partnership’s unanimous decision to reappoint John as CEO is resounding endorsement of his leadership and clear strategy for Corrs’ future,” Ms Handicott said.

Mr Denton said it was a privilege to continue to lead one of Australia’s most respected law firms.

“It is truly humbling to be called on by my partners to continue to lead this great firm,” he said.

“I see this endorsement as a renewed mandate for change within the firm to support our 2015 aspirations of being a world-class law firm determined to drive Australia’s competitiveness and its economic engagement with Asia.

“I am committed to growing the firm’s scale and capability by at least one third by 2015, with a key focus on the practice areas driving the new economic environment such as Energy & Resources and Projects & Infrastructure,” said Mr Denton.

During his tenure, Mr Denton has solidified Corrs’ financial strength, and redefined its business by focusing on quality and commerciality.

He has introduced a number of initiatives that realise the firm’s vision of being an industry leader, including reshaping the firm around target sectors, an incentive-based remuneration system to reward high performers, a significant increase of investment in learning and development, a dedicated legal excellence program, international scholarships, a formal pro bono and giving program, and the launch of ASX-compliant diversity policy.

Under Mr Denton’s leadership, Corrs has secured its place in Australia’s top tier, is consistently one of the country’s four most profitable law firms, has attracted some of the industry’s top legal talent to act for more major clients in large-scale deals and projects, has improved employee retention, and has been awarded numerous legal and employer of choice awards.

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