From financial regulation, to innovation, combating corruption and job creation – key global economic drivers were up for discussion at the recent B20 summit in St Petersburg, Russia.

Corrs CEO and member of Australia’s B20 Group, John W. H. Denton, attended the event on 20 June where he joined 500 leading businesspeople from Russia and abroad, including the world’s leading experts on global economy.

Finalised B20 Task Force recommendations will now be presented to heads of state and G20 leaders at the G20 Summit in Russia in September.

Mr Denton said G20 ― B20 dialogue had particular significance for Australia, with Brisbane set to host the 2014 G20 Summit.

“Though it is a deep and far-reaching issue, sustainable global development ultimately affects us all,” Mr Denton aid.

He said it was not just global leaders who could make a difference.

“One of the major outcomes of B20 discussions has been a focus on the responsibility of business to join forces with governments to drive economic stimulation.

“As noted by President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, the confidence of a country’s business community and people largely determine the standard and quality of life that country can enjoy. As business leaders we need to find ways to strengthen business confidence and to remove barriers that may impede it.

“It is a critical Australia be at the fore of international dialogue, with a particular focus on contributing to the ongoing development of our South East Asian neighbours.”

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