A bold plan of action for Australia’s enduring prosperity has today been launched by the country’s most influential business leaders at Corrs Chambers Westgarth’s offices in Sydney.

From finance, to resources, pro-bono, social and infrastructure - more than 40 of Australia’s leading minds from the community and small, medium and large business gathered to discuss the big issues around the much anticipated release of the Business Council of Australia’s (BCA) economic Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity.

The plan recommends actions across nine key policy areas to help Australia tackle difficult reforms for a better future.

Corrs CEO and partner John W. H. Denton said the three-phase ‘blueprint for change’ painted a compelling picture of what Australia could become with strong leadership and a committed focus on business in the next decade.

“The picture shows a country with a growing economy driven by thriving businesses of all sizes competing successfully on a global scale. It will be a country where innovation and our capacity to adapt and change are the key to our competitiveness,” Mr Denton said.

As Chair of the BCA Global Engagement Taskforce, Mr Denton leads the BCA’s work on Australia’s economic relationships with Asia.

He said he strongly supported a focus on emerging economies outlined as part of the plan, including strategies to tap into unprecedented opportunities in Asia.

“Australian businesses need to better integrate with Asia through new alliances, partnerships and business models,” Mr Denton said.

“We want to be seen as an attractive and competitive country to invest and do business, which means a competitive tax system. Equally, there is strong opportunity to develop a highly skilled labour force to supply and sell high-value services to emerging economies. While change is important, we also need to maintain a commitment to sectors which are central to our national wealth, including the export of energy and resources.”

The BCA has launched the plan as a discussion paper to spark national debate around the suggested reforms and will now meet widely with key decision makers and members of the broader community.

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