Corrs CEO and partner John W.H Denton has reinforced the importance of building an Asia-literate Australia and promoting cultural engagement from a young age.

As keynote speaker at the 2013 Asia Education Foundation’s National Conference, Mr Denton today spoke to more than 450 officials and educators on the value of increasing our understanding of Australia’s growing relationship with Asia.

He was supported by an expert panel who provided insight into Australia’s new national curriculum which has a focus on Asia in every subject from kindergarten to Year 10.

Mr Denton is currently advising the Federal Government on the implementation of its Australia in the Asian Century White Paper. He noted the opportunities of the Asian Century were particularly relevant to young Australians.

“Children who start school in Australia today will enter the workforce at the time China and India are predicted to become the world’s top two economies,” Mr Denton said.

“Education has a critical role to play in progressing our Asia capabilities, to ensure the next generation of Australians are equipped with the knowledge, skills and cultural understanding they need to make the most of the significant opportunities presented by our growing relationship with countries in the Asia-Pacific region. One of the major goals of the White Paper is to improve Australia’s early childhood education, schools, universities and training systems to build capacity to connect with Asian nations. This includes engaging in cultural learning from a young age in all areas including language, history, geography, literature and art to develop an education structure that is truly world class.”

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