John W.H. Denton chaired an ABAC Dialogue with Leaders event in Beijing which was attended by President Xi from China, President Putin from Russia and President Aquino from the Philippines.

The Presidents joined in the dialogue and exchanged views with John and colleagues from the US, China, Malaysia and Mexico. John sought President Xi’s views about infrastructure development, the free trade area of the Asia Pacific and whether or not he felt that China had the capacity to overcome the risk of falling into a middle-income trap.

John also attended the 4th APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) meeting where he chaired the Finance and Economic Working Group and provided an update of the work completed during the year including the Asia Pacific Financial Forum (APFF) and the Asia Pacific Infrastructure Partnership (APIP).

“It was useful to hear from leaders, policy makers and industry figures on what’s driving their decisions in relation to economic policy and growth stimulus and ensuring Corrs is part of these discussions,” Mr Denton said.

About ABAC

The APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) provides business-specific advice to APEC leaders on the implementation of the Osaka Action Agenda (OAA), trade and investment liberalization and facilitation (TILF), economic and technical cooperation (ECOTECH) and other priorities specifically related to the business sector. Membership is composed of up to three senior representatives of the business sector from each member economy. It was established in 1995 and formally recognized by the APEC Ministers in 2005 as one of the five categories of delegates to attend APEC official meetings.

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