Corrs CEO John W. H. Denton scopes out Asian Century strategy for national security community

17 April 2013

Opportunity in Asia was a hot topic at the National Security College’s Professional Development Course in Canberra today, where Corrs Chambers Westgarth CEO John W. H. Denton presented key points on the strategy supporting the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper to senior officers in the national security community.

Participants at the event, held at the Australian National University, discussed strategy development, key lessons learned and how challenges of consultation, coordination and approval were managed.  

Mr Denton was a key adviser on the Australian Government’s ‘Australia in the Asian Century’ White Paper, designed to generate discussion on the many issues and opportunities posed by growth in Asia.

With Asia set to become not only the world’s largest producer of goods and services, but also be the world’s largest consumer of them, the White Paper lays out an ambitious plan to ensure Australia will emerge strongly over the decades ahead, by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Asian Century.

The paper sets out a number of targets for Australia over the next 13 years to 2025 to ensure Australia can fulfill its ambitions and compete effectively within Asia.

John Denton said “A mindset shift is required for Australians to see the route to Asia as direct to Asia and not through other regions and their capitals. The Asian Century demands that we continue to grow and improve, particularly in terms of legal quality, human capital investment, innovation, adaptability and flexibility.”

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