Corrs forges relationship with Myanmar

28 October 2012

Following CEO John Denton’s participation in “Conversations with Myanmar” in Yangon in February 2012, Corrs has been working with Melbourne University-based Asialink to develop a Myanmar Business Taskforce.

The brainchild of the “Conversations” tour group, the Taskforce has the dual aims of promoting Australian businesses opportunities in this new investment frontier and assisting Myanmar to respond to the needs of its people by establishing a modernised economy. Opportunities for both exist in the agricultural, resources, education and manufacturing sectors, among others.

Corrs is proud to have signed up as a Foundation Member of the Taskforce and has recently hosted several meetings at our Sydney office with parliamentarians from both the Lower and Upper Houses of the Parliament of Myanmar and, most recently, the Foreign Minister, His Excellency U Wunna Maung Lwin. As a sign of the times, this was the first visit to Australia by a Myanmar Foreign Minister for 28 years.

As a result of these meetings, and a detailed briefing by Australia’s ambassador to Myanmar, Ms Bronte Moules (also hosted by Corrs), Corrs is familiar with conditions, needs and opportunities in Myanmar and has direct lines of communication with those who are piloting change there and opening the country up to foreign participation and investment.

Beverly Kennedy is our Taskforce representative. Contact from anyone wishing to do business with Myanmar is welcome.

For further information, please email Glenn Taylor or contact by phone on +61 2 9210 6593.