East Africa is in Crisis - Please join Corrs in supporting Australia for UNHCR

8 September 2011

Across the Horn of Africa, people are starving. Famine has been officially declared by the United Nations. The region, which includes Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti, is experiencing the worst drought in 30 years, affecting more than 12 million people.

Many of these people, mainly women and children, are escaping ongoing conflict, drought and food shortages in Somalia which have combined to create a famine. Hundreds of thousands of Somalis are heading to refugee camps in neighbouring countries seeking assistance and protection.

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is responsible for refugees and displaced people across this region and has been working in the region for decades. But their stocks are running low. UNHCR needs help to step up its activities and reach people in need over the coming months.

Corrs has pledged support to UNHCR efforts and staff fundraising has been underway for the past few weeks.

Naomi Steer, National Director of Australia for UNHCR, along with John Denton, Corrs Partner & CEO and the founding chair of Australia for UNHCR, presented to a national Corrs audience today. They discussed the major international relief projects Australia for UNHCR has supported over the past year and current areas of focus.

John presented the proceeds of Corrs’ East Africa Appeal to Naomi on the eve of her flying to Africa. Naomi spoke about what UNHCR is doing on the ground in East Africa and how the money will help.

Please join us in supporting UNHCR. Click here to make a donation.

For further information, please email Glenn Taylor or contact by phone on +61 2 9210 6593.