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Asia Employment Law: Quarterly Review – Q1 2018

Keeping abreast of employment-related legal developments can be challenging. To help you stay up to date, Corrs Chambers Westgarth contributes to the Asia Employment Law: Quarterly Review, a regular e-publication covering employment-related legal developments in 14 jurisdictions across Asia.

In their chapter this quarter, John and Anthony provide comment on several key employment law developments in Australia during the first quarter of this year and late in 2017, including:

  • the Fair Work Commission (FWC) finding that an Uber driver was an independent contractor and was therefore not able to pursue an unfair dismissal claim in Kaseris v Rasier Pacific VOF [2017] FWC 6610;
  • the FWC constraining parties’ use of ‘shadow lawyers’ in Fair Work Act (FW Act) proceedings in Fitzgerald v Woolworths Limited [2017] FWCFB 2797; and
  • the announcement by the Australian Government that it will amend the FW Act to provide five days’ unpaid domestic violence leave to all federal system employees.

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