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article construction new ipso facto stay provisions government contracts

What do the new ipso facto stay provisions mean for government contracts?

For contracts entered into after 1 July 2018, the ability of a contract counterparty to rely on so called ‘ipso facto clauses’ triggered by the occurrence of an insolvency event is limited.
Andrew McCormack
Victoria Thurston
article it unlocking implementation strategies reduce recidivism WEB

Unlocking implementation strategies to reduce recidivism

Australia is facing record prisoner numbers – putting pressure on an already stretched system. Between 2012 and 2017, Queensland saw a 52% increase in the prison population.
Eddie Scuderi
Jodie Burger
Viva Paxton
article construction mining agriculture construction equipment

Mining, agriculture and construction equipment: a new UNIDROIT financing regime is coming

The UNIDROIT MAC protocol will create a new regime for financing mining, agriculture and construction equipment, and may affect a wide range of Australian entities.
Andrew Chew
Jodie Burger
Sarah Clouston
article litigation defamation trials plaintiffs ederal court

Defamation trials: why plaintiffs are Rush(ing) to file in the Federal Court

Since the Federal Court of Australia decided that it has jurisdiction to hear defamation matters in Crosby v Kelly, defamation practice in Australia has developed to afford plaintiffs a number of early strategic advantages.
Richard Leder
Sanjay Schrapel
Conor O’Beirne