We embrace and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Our supportive and inclusive culture sustains our diverse, engaged and high performing team.

We have defined our vision for diversity and inclusion as a feeling. We want everyone who works at Corrs to feel like this:

“I belong. I bring my whole self to work. I feel connected, valued and empowered to succeed.”

Individuals don’t fit into neat categories, and no one group within our community is more or less important than another. As a result, our commitment to diversity and inclusion includes gender equality, indigenous inclusion, cultural diversity, LGBTIQ+ inclusion, flexible working and accessibility.

Gender Equality

We are committed to gender equality. Our strategies for achieving this include market-leading parental leave entitlements for all carers regardless of gender, including payment of superannuation contributions during paid and unpaid parental leave and support during the transition to and from parental leave. We offer senior female lawyers executive coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities, and we undertake analysis and actions to address equity in pay, professional development opportunities and promotion.

LGBTIQ+ Inclusion

Pride@Corrs is an open network for our LGBTIQ+ employees and allies. Among a range of initiatives, we are a member of Australia’s leading LGBTIQ+ employer organisation, Pride in Diversity, and a Gold Sponsor of Midsumma – Victoria’s premier LGBTQI+ cultural festival.

Cultural Diversity

Our culture, values and leadership ensure open acceptance and celebration of cultural diversity. We also work collaboratively with other law firms to collect data on cultural diversity within our profession to develop programs supporting cultural diversity at leadership levels. Our CEO Gavin MacLaren is a member of the Race Discrimination Commissioner’s Leadership Council on Cultural Diversity.

Indigenous Inclusion

We support meaningful reconciliation with the indigenous peoples of Australia, and have formalised this commitment through our Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).


We’ve established flexibility as standard business practice and an option for all our people, including partners, and are piloting in-office out of school care during school holidays.


We design all our buildings and systems around our people, ensuring they are accessible from both a physical and technological perspective.

Physical and Psychological Wellbeing

We provide support, coaching and confidential counselling across a wide range of areas, including general wellbeing, holistic support, and Manager-specific support.

Partnerships, Sponsorship and Recognition

We’ve developed a strong network of diversity and inclusion partners with whom we regularly partner, sponsor or support.

Genuine shifts in diversity and inclusion take more than an internal effort – it requires societal change. We are taking an active role to drive impact beyond the firm. In addition to our employee networks, our Corrs Women in Business events provide female executives with regular forums to network, build capabilities and share stories. We have also created a unique Family Friendly CPD program, and are a signatory to the Law Council of Australia’s Diversity and Equality Charter and the LCA's National Equitable Briefing Policy.

We are committed to outcomes, transparency and accountability on our diversity and inclusion strategy. Our latest Diversity and Inclusion Progress report can be viewed here. Our progress has been recognised by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), who have identified Corrs as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality 2013-2019, and by Pride In Diversity's Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) as a Bronze Employer 2017-2018 and a Silver Employer in 2019.

To see more of our work on diversity and inclusion, and how it is brought to life every day, please click here.