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Murky waters: proposed amendments to Basel Convention on transboundary movements of hazardous waste

7 January 2019

In June 2018 Norway proposed amendments to the Basel Convention, to minimise marine pollution and the illegal dumping of plastic waste. The amendments will be considered in April 2019, at the fourteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

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Critical infrastructure: reporting starts now

19 December 2018

From 11 January 2019, owners and operators of Australia’s critical infrastructure (ports, electricity, water and gas infrastructure) will have their assets more closely scrutinised by the Commonwealth Government.

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The Fiocco Review: A step closer to national security of payment laws

14 December 2018

The WA Government has released final report on the Fiocco review, which proposed various significant statutory reforms in an effort to improve payment security in the construction industry.

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Back to the future: ACCC releases its preliminary Digital Platforms Inquiry report

12 December 2018

The ACCC has released a preliminary report from its Digital Platforms Inquiry into the effect of digital platforms on competition in the media and advertising services markets.

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A new era in Consumer Law penalties? Federal Court orders record amounts against director and corporation

11 December 2018

The Federal Court recently imposed record penalties of $6m against a director and $12m against a corporation for contravening the Australian Consumer Law. Are we seeing a new era of tougher penalties for consumer law breaches?

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Challenging the regime in international arbitration: an introduction to the Prague Rules

11 December 2018

How will the Prague Rules impact on international arbitration practice and procedure, and how do they differ from the IBA Rules?

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The Commonwealth Modern Slavery Bill: What are the key requirements?

6 December 2018

By the end of 2018, it is anticipated that the recently passed Commonwealth Modern Slavery Bill will become an Act of Parliament. What are the Bill’s key requirements?

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Responding to shareholder activism: when can directors properly delay an EGM?

5 December 2018

The question of exactly when directors can postpone an Extraordinary General Meeting has been uncertain.

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Queensland’s new financial provisioning scheme for resources projects

30 November 2018

New legislation significantly changes the financial provisioning scheme for resources projects in Queensland. What does this mean for the resources sector?

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The casual conundrum continues: ‘Double-dipping’ and class actions

27 November 2018

As class actions threaten to change the landscape for employers in Australia, we provide an update on the legal manoeuvring surrounding the Federal Court’s decision in Workpac v Skene.

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